Quantum Evolution: Approach with Caution

You approach an intersection on any road. Something one might do every day. The light turns yellow. Society’s universal social contract requires you to clear the intersection by slowing down or, if in the midst of the intersection, continue through. Yellow lights universally suggest caution.

As a businessperson first, technology enthusiast second, I have always approached new technology ideas with caution ensuring a primary focus on…


The Impact of Quantum Computing on Cryptography and Data

Business leaders thinking about the future of their companies’ data security need only look at the image attached to this article. A key with the potential to open the universe of digital 1’s and 0’s. The abundant research and development being applied to quantum computing promises to launch a whole new universe of computing security considerations. In this article, Joe Ghalbouni provides insight into…


Educating a Quantum Workforce for Industry – Strategy, Pedagogy, and Learnings

The preparation of a quantum workforce for industry use is significantly different than the preparation of a workforce to create quantum hardware technology. There are stark differences in the stakeholders (technologists vs. managerial), the key spaces (security, algorithms / programming, specific domains like healthcare), and…