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Quantum Strategy Institute is an international network of cross-domain experts with a rich and varied expertise, sharing a passion for quantum technologies. What united us was a vision and drive to explore and further the understanding of the practical applications of quantum computing across industries and to help bridge the white space between potential and practicality.

Our Vision

is to align the potential of quantum technologies with the reality of business demands through the insights and expertise of a global network of passionate quantum & business experts, researchers and enthusiasts.

Our Purpose

is to demystify quantum technology and encourage the development of a quantum mindset within the global business community, sharing practical applications and offering strategies for its successful adoption.

How did it all start?

“Business leaders I’ve worked with in the past have consistently said “I’m less interested in predictions or perfection and more interested in production and progress.” Quantum media and social media is filled with predictions often associated with the universal fault tolerant quantum computer and its’ distance into the future.
Business leaders are interested in what quantum can do for them today as well as in the future. In-market solutions like IDQ’s QRNG chip embedded in new Samsung phones, ColdQuanta’s work with the US military, D-Wave & Multiverse’s collaboration in the financial world, are all part of the technology bundle available to potential customers today. Not 10 or 20 years from now.
QSI is focused on the incremental benefit of quantum technology, whether that be hybrid with classical computing, or soloing on complex projects and helping business around the world understand and successfully implement quantum solutions through our unique, compelling and expert-driven content.”

Brian Lenahan, Founder & Chair, Quantum Strategy Institute

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Board of Directors

Bert Kaminski, Director - Legal, Google Cloud

Bert Kaminski

Director - Legal, Google Cloud
Paul Lipman, President of Quantum Computing at ColdQuanta

Paul Lipman

President of Quantum Computing at ColdQuanta
Sasha Grujicic

Sasha Grujicic

Chief Strategy Officer at 1QBit & Founder of Complicated Things
Thomas Park, Partner BDC Deep Tech Fund

Thomas Park

Partner BDC Deep Tech Fund
Rachel Dooley

Rachel Dooley

Global Managing Counsel, McKinsey Digital