Strategic Movement Towards Quantum Adoption: Brian Lenahan Launches Quantum Strategy Institute

The institute brings together an international group of experts focusing on the practical applications of quantum technologies, today and in the near future – Head of Risk, Quantum Strategy Institute

Press Release: Quantum Strategy Institute (QSI), an international network of cross-domain experts sharing an interest in quantum technology and a vision of driving forward its successful adoption, announced its launch on September 15th, via a virtual event.

Brian Lenahan, Founder & Chair of the Quantum Strategy Institute and author of “Quantum Boost: Using Quantum Computing to Supercharge Your Business” has spent the last few years researching the intersection of quantum technologies and business and has now brought together experts from various business areas with a shared focus, together aiming to push the boundaries of quantum adoption.

Business leaders I’ve worked with in the past have consistently said “I’m less interested in predictions or perfection and more interested in production and progress.”. QSI is focused on the incremental benefit of quantum technology, whether that be hybrid with classical computing, or soloing on complex projects and helping business around the world understand and successfully implement quantum solutions through our unique, compelling and expert-driven content.” says Brian Lenahan, Founder & Chair of Quantum Strategy Institute.

At the outset, Quantum Strategy Institute (QSI) will be focused on research for quantum technology at the intersection with business, developing original expert content through articles, research papers and other media to internationally support how businesses can adopt quantum technologies. QSI interacts today with vendors, academics and researchers in the quantum ecosystem to understand and address the challenges facing both the producer and consumer side of the quantum technologies market and direct original content to these challenges. The first set of articles is being delivered with the QSI launch, with additional materials under development and becoming available each month on the QSI website.

In 2022, Quantum Strategy Institute plans to expand its offering to educational capabilities focusing on a business perspective for diverse audiences including executives, professionals, and technical people from all industries. Educational content will encompass understanding the technology, quantum talent, decision-making, change management, risk and implementation, among other topics.  Also, in 2022 QSI will hold an International Quantum Strategist Day event to illustrate the power of the quantum strategist role and provide tools and information supporting the adoption of quantum technologies.

About Quantum Strategy Institute

The purpose of Quantum Strategy Institute is to explore the potential of quantum technologies today and in the near future, encouraging the development of a quantum mindset within the global business community, sharing practical applications and offering strategies for its successful adoption. QSI publishes research and opinion pieces on the adoption of quantum technology by businesses, and its offerings are expected to grow to educational and advisory services in the future. 

The contribution that QSI aims to bring to the quantum ecosystem rests on the valuable expertise and vision of its members:

  •      QSI Founder & Chair, Brian Lenahan is a Bestselling author, former banking executive, and quantum strategist, working with companies to design unique quantum roadmaps, writing extensively on quantum computing and artificial intelligence.
  •       QSI Deputy Head and International Quantum Strategy Day Chair, Danika Hannon is also Relationship Manager at Cambridge Quantum, having served on the Women in Quantum Advisory Board and led the Minnesota Quantum Computing Meetup. With a strong background in forging fruitful relationships across industries, Danika’s experience is a testament of successful industry pivoting.
  •     QSI Head of Education, Matthew Versaggi is also Senior Director of AI and Cognitive Technology at UnitedHealth Group and brings a unique blend of business, technology, entrepreneurial, and academic expertise.
  •       QSI Head of Change Management, Esperanza Cuenca Gómez is also Processes and Change Management Director at Santander Bank. Further to being a digital transformation enthusiast with extensive experience in banking and consumer finance industries, Esperanza started studying and researching quantum computing and quantum communications.
  •       QSI Head of Risk, Joe Ghalbouni is also the Co-Founder & CTO of Quantum Risk Advisory and has been an Associate Professor of Physics, Lecturer and Researcher in Quantum Computing Information & Communication since 2013.
  •       QSI Head of Cloud, Ian Mason is also Managing Director at Hassard Fay, where he helps companies design and run effective programs to capture value from cloud-enabled AI/ML capabilities.
  •       QSI Head of AI & Quantum Machine Learning, Amrita Manzari is also Associate Manager Software Engineering at UnitedHealth Group, where she leverages Machine Learning and Neural Networks and develops AI strategies for delivering complex healthcare modernization projects. Currently Amrita focuses on researching Quantum ML, Quantum Natural Language Processing and Quantum Applications in Finance and Insurance industries.
  •       QSI Head of Industry Verticals, Anahita Zardoshti works in the insurance industry as a data scientist, having previously been part of the Innovation team at Lloyd’s of London. Anahita is also a leader at Quantum London, where she helps communicate the business impacts of quantum computing to professionals across different sectors.
  •       QSI Head of Marketing, Mihaela Burcea is also a Customer Experience Data Strategist focusing on customer journey strategic planning, measurement and effective leveraging of data and has previously worked on brand management projects internationally.

Quantum Strategy Institute is supported by the leadership of a strong Board of Directors, including: Bert Kaminski, Director – Legal at Google Cloud, Paul Lipman, President of Quantum Computing at ColdQuanta, Sasha Grujicic, Chief Strategy Officer at 1QBit and Founder of Complicated Things, Thomas Park, Partner BDC Deep Tech Fund and Brian Lenahan, acting as QSI Executive Director.

Follow the latest updates on LinkedIn at Quantum Strategy Institute (@quantum-strategy-institute).

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Mihaela Burcea

Quantum Strategy Institute


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