Esperanza Cuenca Gómez, QSI Head of Change Navigation

Esperanza Cuenca Gómez

QSI Head of Change Management

    Esperanza Cuenca Gómez is a digital transformation enthusiast with more than 10 years of experience in banking and consumer finance industries, focused on defining how we do things differently (processes) and articulating how we enable systems and people to do those new things differently (change management).

    Quantum mechanics has always fascinated Esperanza, so in late 2019 she decided to start studying quantum computing and communications. As an engineer, she sees applied science as a way to build new technologies, solve problems and, ultimately, contribute to society. Esperanza also serves as Processes and Change Management Director for a leading financial institution.

Head of Change Navigation


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Becoming a Quantum Company

Quantum technologies are full of promise and potential. These technologies also bring their own challenges. Governments and businesses must start taking decisive action to manage the quantum changes as the second quantum revolution unfolds. Not doing so carries the risk of being left behind, and experience from other revolutions shows that this is not a favorable position to be in. Organizations without an AI mindset failed to execute on AI projects. Thus, organizations need a change management approach unique to quantum.

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