Brian Lenahan, QSI Founder & Chair

Brian Lenahan

Founder & Chair, Quantum Strategy Institute

Brian Lenahan is Founder & Chair of the Quantum Strategy Institute, author of “Quantum Boost: Using Quantum Computing to Supercharge Your Business”, writes extensively on quantum computing and artificial intelligence and is a quantum strategist, working with companies to design unique quantum roadmaps. He is a university instructor and former executive with a Top 10 North American Bank.



Quantum Talent – Shortages and Tactics

The quantum industry is experiencing the successes and growing pains faced by so many other past technologies. Momentum however remains on quantum’s side in 2021, so consider the positives. According to a 2021 IDC survey, “The number of organizations [commercial end users or CEU’s] allocating more than 17% of their annual IT budgets for this technology [quantum] are expected to rise from 7% in 2021 to an estimated….

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Brian Lenahan

QSI Founder & Chair