Matthew R. Versaggi, QSI Head of Education

Matthew R. Versaggi

QSI Head of Education

Matthew R. Versaggi is a senior leader in the AI space with Fortune-5 healthcare experience who possesses a unique blend of business, technology, entrepreneurial, and academic backgrounds; is an experienced public speaker, strategist and mentor; and has international business experience.

Matthew has four university degrees and eight professional certificates, including four in the quantum computing space. He has also created an 8 1/2 month quantum training program for software engineers in the healthcare space.



Educating a Quantum Workforce for Industry – Strategy, Pedagogy, and Learnings

The preparation of a quantum workforce for industry use is significantly different than the preparation of a workforce to create quantum hardware technology. There are stark differences in the stakeholders (technologists vs. managerial), the key spaces (security, algorithms / programming, specific domains like healthcare), and…

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