Danika Hannon, QSI Deputy Head, IQSD Chair

Danika Hannon

QSI Deputy Head, IQSD Chair

Danika Hannon has worked internationally and domestically, for non-profits and global corporations and has been in the food and ag. industries, as well as finance and technology.

Since 2018, she has been strategically moving into the quantum computing space. During that time, she: became a leader of the Minnesota Quantum Computing Meetup, completed a data science bootcamp, served on the Women in Quantum Advisory Board, volunteered for a quantum computing and AI startup called Boltz.ai and became a Relationship Manager with Cambridge Quantum Computing.


Deputy Head, IQSD Chair



Quantum Evolution: Approach with Caution

You approach an intersection on any road. Something one might do every day. The light turns yellow. Society’s universal social contract requires you to clear the intersection by slowing down or, if in the midst of the intersection, continue through. Yellow lights universally suggest caution.

As a businessperson first, technology enthusiast second, I have always approached new technology ideas with caution ensuring a primary focus on…

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