Amrita Manzari, QSI Head of AI & QML

Amrita Manzari

QSI Head of AI & QML

Amrita Manzari has 8 years of experience in Healthcare and Insurance Industry as an IT professional. She is currently working as Associate Manager Software Engineering in United Health Group. Her career has been more of a transformation journey, she started her career journey with Automation Engineer but with the passion to pursue research in Quantum Field, she switched to Quantum Computing.

As part of her current role, Amrita is responsible for handling teams, designing software, working on strategy for modernization projects, research and development in Machine Learning and Product Delivery. She has diverse experience in the Insurance and Healthcare Industry with hands-on experience in multiple technology stacks.

Head of AI & QML

Associate Manager Software Engineering


QSI Quantum Machine Learning: A Roadmap for Technologists - Amrita Manzari

Quantum Machine Learning: A Roadmap for Technologists

  In 1935, Einstein wrote a paper with Boris Podolsky and Nathen Rosen trying to expose the weird behavior of quantum mechanics calling it “spooky action at a distance”. Among its many weird behaviors, the notion of quantum superposition really defies our imagination.

Even weirder, if one looks into a quantum system of say two electrons and they are in an entangled state, if you measure the property of one electron, say its rotation, you can tell what the other electron’s rotation is — without even bothering to measure it. Is it weird or astonishing? I think both.

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