Where Quantum Meets Business

Our Mission

Our mission is to smooth the intersection of scientific breakthroughs and business applications, by creating an independent, technology-agnostic platform that brings together research, education, business strategy and principles, guiding businesses towards:

1.Understanding how quantum computing can help them achieve business advantage

2.Strategically building quantum readiness

3.Taking steps towards integrating quantum computing in their operations

4.The commercialization of quantum technologies

Our Vision

We aim to fuel the development of a quantum mindset in every part of every business, though a global network of passionate quantum experts, researchers and enthusiasts supporting the business community.

Our Purpose

We are led by a purpose of demystifying quantum technology and contributing to the development of a quantum mindset within the global business community, sharing practical applications and offering strategies for its successful adoption.


Quantum Strategy Institute is an international network of cross-domain experts with a rich and varied expertise, sharing a passion for quantum technologies. What brought us together was a vision and drive to explore and further the understanding of the practical applications of quantum computing across industries and to help bridge the white space between potential and practicality.

Our team